1 hp 1725 RPM 143TC TENV Washdown Duty Brake Motor no Base 230/460V Leeson # 122192

52.00 LBS
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  • 1 hp 1725 RPM, 3.2/1.6 amps, 208-230/460V 60hz. Three Phase Motor
  • NEMA 143TC Frame Keyed Shaft 7/8" Diameter x 2 1/4"
  • Brake Rating Ft. Lbs. = 6
  • No Base, TENV-Totally Enclosed Non Vented
  • 1 Year Manufacture Warranty

Fail-safe positive, stop and hold brake motors. Brakes are spring set. Load is stopped automatically when power is turned off. Leeson brake motors feature a power off manual release for convenience, and for use in case of power failure. The manual resets automatically. Brake is manufactured by Sterns. The brake coil leads are brought into the conduit box of the motor for easy connection and may be connected to operate when power to the motor is shut off or to be actuated independent of power to the motor. Brake coil is 230/460VAC, 60hz.