Leeson Single Phase to Three Phase Inverter 1.5 hp 230V # 174932

10.00 LBS
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  • 5.2 MAX Output amps @ 230 Volt
  • Operates standard 208/230V 3-phase AC motors, with 230V  input single phase
  • Micro Series Inverter; NEMA 1 (IP31)
  • Unit has on/off buttons and up/down speed control
  • Wiring terminals accessible via three conduit openings on bottom of housing

One Year Warranty. Not Recommended for use on air compressors. Looking for a phase converter for your 3 phase electric motor? These units will power up to a 3 hp motor, with true 3 phase output, unlike most electronic phase converters that only output 2/3 the power, these units output 100% of the 3 phase power needed to run your motor. 230 volts single phase input, 230 volts three phase output. Note: Motor can not be run through contacts. Motor to be wired directly to controller. Speedmaster Micro Series compact inverters, utilizing the latest microprocessor and advanced IGBT power conversion devices, these high performance controls program and read-out in plain English terms, eliminating the frustration and time involved in looking up confusing coded symbols. Complete, rugged steel enclosures for NEMA 1 (IP31). Does not require additional enclosure protection as with many plastic-housed compact drives. Built-in thermal overload protection reduces additional costs. Heavy-duty wiring terminals, accessible via three conduit openings on the bottom of the housing, speeding installation and cut costs. Unit has on/off buttons and up/down speed control.