March Pump TE-5.5K-MD; 1" FPT Inlet/ 3/4" MPT Outlet; 230/460V

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  • 1" FPT Inlet/ 3/4" MPT Outlet
  • 1/3 hp; 3450 RPM; 1.2/0.6 Amps, 230/460V 50/60hz.; 3-Phase
  • 30 GPM; 41' Max. Head Feet
  • Conduit Box
  • One Year Warranty

DESCRIPTION: Series 5.5 are centrifugal magnetic drive pumps, eliminating the need for a shaft seal. Pumps can be serviced with a screwdriver. Screws should be tightened in sequence and uniformly. Do not over tighten the screws or you may crush the plastic housing bosses. TE-5.5-MD pumps are 115/230V, 1 phase or 230/460V, 3 phase, TEFC. OPERATION: Pumps are not self-priming, lack a suction lift, and thus require a flooded suction. Pumps cannot be run dry because the impeller requires the liquid being pumped for lubrication. The direction of motor rotation should be clockwise when facing the inlet of the pump. For liquids with a specific gravity greater than water, have a higher viscosity, or for elevated temperatures, a trimmed impeller may be necessary. For application assistance, contact March Pump.