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Swimming Pool Pump Motors

AO Smith Century / Magnetek Replacement Swimming Pool Pump Motor

Swimming Pool Pump Motors - Spa Pump Motors
These motors are "1081" pool motor construction standard
(some also referred to as 1795 & 1563)
The most complete list of swimming pool - spa pump motors on the internet
Now featuring AO Smith / Century Energy Efficient Motors
Note: Energy Efficient motors may qualify for a rebate from your local utility company

Attention: The biggest mistake made is improperly wiring a motor. If the motor runs slow then trips out, it is incorrectly wired. Please carefully read the motor name plate regarding the connections.115/230 volts motors are shipped from the factory connected for 230 volts. A motor connected for 115 volts that has 230 volts applied will burn up immediately. A motor connected for 230 volts that has 115 volts applied will run slow and trip out. If the wires moved on the connection board are not placed on the proper terminals, the result will be a slow running motor that overheats and trips out. These motors have automatic overload protection, which means the motor will not run again until the motor cools down. Before you call us and say you have a bad motor, please recheck the connection to insure you have the motor properly wired for the incoming voltage. These are brand new motors that have been test run at the factory, the chances of you getting a bad motor are vary rare.

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Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act of 2007
We stock the SVRS pool motors to help in your compliance with the law that went into effect in December 2008
Safety Vacuum Release System - Simply replace your existing motor with the New Guardian motor from AO Smith
No inground pool pump should operate without one.
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Click on one of the pictures below that resemble your swimming pool or spa motor.
Please browse this page before making your selection.

Above ground
or spa motor

Common to
Hayward Inground Pool Pumps
Super Pump, Maxflo

Common to Sta-Rite, Whisperflo,
PacFab, Challenger Pumps,

Century Motor Manual In Adobe
PDF format

Above ground or spa pool pump motor
48Y Frame
Thru-Bolt Mount
Hayward Powerflo,
Dynamo, Aquaflo,

swimming pool motor
56J Frame
Threaded Shaft

Magnetek 48Y/56Y Sqaure Flange Motor - Common to Whisperflo & Sta-rite Swimming Pool Pump Motors
48Y/56Y Frame
Square Flange

Pool Motor Manual in PDF Format

Variable Speed ECM Motor
with Integrated Timer

Square Flange & 56J Frame Motor

Featuring three variable run speeds programmable from 600 – 3450 RPM
and two adjustable override speeds, the V-Green motor is fully compliant
with California Title 20 and Florida HB 849 energy efficiency statutes
replacement pump motor filtration system applications. V-Green motors can
reduce energy consumption by as much as 80 percent over a standard
single speed pump motor.

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Two Speed Motors
With built in Timer
E-Plus High Efficiency
Save up to 58% on energy use
Energy Efficient on both speeds

Square Flange Click Here
56J Frame Click Here

View Typical Pool Pump Motor Replacement tips for Hayward Super Pump and similar pumps

Note: AO Smith purchased Magnetek Electric Motors. This means  these motors will become AO Smith Motors, possibly with dual part numbers. You may see an equivalent AO Smith motor replace the Magnetek Motor.  Either way these motors are exact replacements. Century Electric Motors are also part of AO Smith Electric.

Large Commercial Pools Motors:

For commercial swimming pool pump applications, frame type JM, JP, TCZ  see our close-coupled pump motors.
1hp, 2,hp, 3hp, 5hp, 7.5hp, 10hp, 15hp and larger. 

48 Frame pool pump motor 

These electric motors are normally mounted to the pump housing via the “motor thru bolts” which extend thru the motor into the pump housing.  The motor also has a small metal base attached to the round case of the motor. These motors are commonly found on Spa / Hot Tub pumps.  They are also found on above ground swimming pool pumps. These motors fit all Hayward Power-flo, above ground pump, series horizontal pumps.

Doughboy and Lomart Pool Motors

These motors are unique to Doughboy and Lomart above ground pumps.

56J Frame Pool Motors - Threaded Shaft Single Phase and Three Phase

These electric motors are probably the most common swimming pool motor. The pump is attached to the round “C-face” of the motor via the 4 threaded bolt holes. 56J frame motors have a 5/8" diameter threaded shaft.  56C frame pool motors have a “keyed” shaft, which are very common to well pump motors. 56J motors are common to most Hayward in-ground pool pumps (Super Pump, MaxFlo and Super Pump II.) Single Phase and Three Phase motors.

48Y (56Y) Frame Square Flange pool motor Single Phase and Three Phase

These swimming pool motors have a “square” face that the pump attaches to, it also has 4 non-threaded bolt holes to attach the pump. The motor has a threaded shaft. Square Flange pump motors are common to most Sta-Rite, PacFab, Purex/Trition and WhisperFlo, Challenger inground pool pumps. Single phase and three phase motors.

56C Frame Swimming Pool Motors - Keyed Shaft

These electric motors are just like the 56J motor, except they have a 5/8" diameter keyed shaft.  The impeller is mounted with set screws.

TIP: To remove the threaded impeller from the motor. The impeller is "screwed" onto the motor shaft, with standard threads (righty tighty, lefty loosey). Remove the end cover (wire end) of the motor (some motors have a "bearing cover". Some motors have a slot on the end of the shaft, some have flats (7/16" flat wrench). Hold that end of the shaft with either a screwdriver or flat wrench, then unscrew the impeller. Be careful not to break the impeller (cost $15 to $55).

If your not sure which swimming pool motor you need for your pool pump call us or e-mail us. We will be glad to assist you in your selection.

All single-phase pool motors are CCW (counter clockwise) Facing the Shaft - Non-Reversible.
(Except certain Doughboy/Lomart pool pumps)

All dual voltage (115/230) electric motors are shipped from the factory wired for 230 volts.
It is your responsibility to verify the voltage connection before applying power to the motor

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