Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm EST
Understanding Shipping in Transit Times-UPS
Nothing can ship on the weekends or major holidays

We close at 4:30PM EST, UPS is normally picked up about 4:00PM-meaning nothing can ship after this time. We are also closed for the major holidays-meaning nothing can ship.
We are closed on the weekends-nothing can ship on the weekends.

Sales Tax: We are required by law to collect sales tax for the following states:
                    Alabama  # SSU-R010246080
                    Arkansas # 83010837-SLS
                    California #  220-319232
                    Connecticut # 76526680-001
                    Colorado # 32837395-0001
                    Georgia # 175-888225
                    Idaho # 005118951
                    Illinois # 4309-3825
                    Indiana # 0164387730
                    Iowa # 100001914
                    Kansas # 005-382668903-F01
                    Kentucky # 000835893
                    Maryland # 17345213
                    Massachusetts # SLS-18986451-003

                    Michigan  # C382668903
                    Minnesota  # 5827958
                    New Jersey # 382-668-903/001
                    New York # 38-2668903
                    North Carolina # 601204810
                    Oklahoma  # SVU15044552-02
                    Pennsylvania # 1001349958
                    South Carolina # 120800945
                    Tennessee # 1000499657-SLC
                    Utah # 14831121-003-STC
                    Vermont # SUT-10973715
                    Washington  # 604-274-131
                    Wisconsin # 456-1029590242-02

We are also required to collect the GST/HST tax for Canada, business license # 804003093-RT0001

Attention Alabama Customers: "Seller has collected the simplified sellers use tax on this transaction(s) delivered into Alabama and the tax will be remitted on the customer’s behalf to the Alabama Department of Revenue.
Seller’s program account number is SSU-R010246080."

Exports: Customer is responsible for any import taxes, tariffs or duties charged at the time of import by your country except Canada shipments that we ship with UPS.

Return Policy: Items being returned for any other reason then defective or damaged must be 100% brand new and not installed with the original factory box. Items that have been installed are not returnable. Be sure you have selected the correct motor or blower for your application before installing. If you are unsure please call us @ 810-744-1240 before installing. If you make the decision to install it hoping it is correct and will work for your application you have now made the decision to keep the motor no matter if it is correct or not and it is now a used item and is not returnable. If you do not understand this policy please call us and we can further explain it to you. The customer is responsible for any shipping cost incurred on duplicate orders that they have placed. It is not Electric Motor Warehouses responsibility to catch these errors, you the customer would have received an automatic order confirmation via email notifying you of your order. Call @1-810-744-1240 or email us so we can cancel the order. Our orders are automated and as such we do not always catch these errors. Order cancellation: Once an order has been placed it may not be possible to stop the order from shipping as some of our items are drop shipped from the factory and it is impossible to retrieve the package as some of these vendors load semi trailers each day with packages and may be picked up by the freight carrier several times per day. We will do everything we can do to stop the order, but it is not always possible.

Any product you wish to return, must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA). Any item returned without a RMA will not be issued a credit. You must have your invoice. All returns must be returned within 30 days of purchase and are subject to a 20% to 25% restocking fee (depending on motor manufacture). Winans Inc. retains the right to refuse any return. Be sure to insure the package for damage. Any item returned item that is damaged will not be issued credit. If you are unsure if a particular product will fit your application--call us--we will be glad to assist you in your selection. Shipping charges incurred to deliver the product to you will not be refunded. All material must be returned "prepaid" shipping in the original carton. Any product we "special order" for you may not be returned. Electrical products being returned must be in "100% new" condition, not used or installed. Electrical motors with set screw marks on the shaft may not be returned for credit, as we can no longer sell them for new as they have been installed. Electrical items that have had power applied to them may not be returned. Motors that have been modified may not be returned. (Modified means, but not limited to, cutting the shaft, cutting the wires or plug, cutting through bolts, etc.)

All items returned for any reason other then damaged or faulty must be returned in the original packaging, and not have been installed. The item must be 100% brand new so that we can resell them to someone else. If the item came double boxed please return it the same way to minimize shipping damage, that is why it was sent to you double boxed. Please do not write all over the factory box as that makes the item unsellable to anyone else. Nobody wants to receive an item that is supposed to be brand new when the item is all marked up and box has been written all over. You, as a customer, expect to receive a refund on something you returned. We ask that you be courteous and return the item to us just as you received it so it can be resold.

Electric Motor Warehouse is not responsible for any lost or damages in return shipment.

Electric Motor Warehouse reserves the right to refuse a return if the product is not in new, un-used and resellable condition.

We urge you to carefully select your product to be sure it is what you need for your particular application. We don't want to sell the wrong item. If in doubt call us, we will be happy to assist you in your selection. If a motor returned to us is found not to be defective, you the purchaser, will be responsible for the shipping costs we incur to have the motor sent back to us. If we do a UPS pickup, UPS charges a $6.50 service charge for a package to be picked up in addition to the normal shipping charge.

Damaged or missing items: Any damaged or missing items must be reported to Electric Motor Warehouse within 30 days of merchandise receipt. UPS or any of the shipping companies will not honor any claims over 30 days.

Semi Truck Shipment-Damage: Be sure to carefully inspect a product for damage before signing the bill of lading. Open the box and visually inspect it. If it is damaged REFUSE delivery. Once you sign the bill of lading from the truck driver you are certifying that the item is not damaged. Once the driver pulls away and you have signed for the shipment there is no way to file a damage claim since you just said it was not damaged by signing the document. There is absolutely no recourse now.

Free Shipping: Keep in mind shipping is not free. We may ship it to you free, but we did pay the shipping company for that service. As such we will deduct the cost of the shipping to get the package delivered to you if it is returned for any reason other than damage or warranty. Free shipping only applies to items shipped to USA physical addresses in the lower 48 states - NOT international or any US territories.

Fixed Shipping Cost: Fixed shipping cost only applies to items shipped to USA physical addresses in the lower 48 states - NOT international or any US territories.


All products come with their own respective manufacturers factory warranty & are subject to those manufacturers policies & procedures. Most Warranties only applies to manufacturing defects. All products must be returned to Electric Motor Warehouse for warranty inspection. The product must be returned at the purchasers expense. Warranty does not cover any shipping expenses. Our warranty department will determine if the problem is a warranty. The product may be replaced or repaired. Please save your receipt, as it is required in order for us to process the warranty. It is the buyers responsibility to retain the receipt.

Manufacture warranty does not cover shipping cost, loss of use or any service technician install cost.

Most electric motors, blowers and pumps have a one year warranty for manufacturing defects. Inflatable pool toys have a 90 day warranty.

Warranty is void if any motor or fan that has been "opened up" or disassembled.

Note: Most motor failures are caused by improper voltage being applied to the motor (not wired correctly) or too small of horsepower for the application. All of the motors we sell have a connection diagram on the motor name plate. Be sure to read it carefully. If you are unsure what needs to be done, then you should call a qualified electrician. Most motors that have been returned to us that are supposedly defective, where the purchaser claims the motor does not operate properly, we have found upon our inspection that the motor is not defective but has not been installed correctly, either through improper wiring , the wire size or length is not correct, or circuit is not large enough for the motor amperage.

NOTE: It is very rare to have a motor "dead out of the box". This is usually a result of an improper wiring connection or a problem with the power supply or cord/switch.

It is your responsibility to save your receipt.

Understanding Shipping Times
 If you are unsure of what any of this means please call and we can explain it to you so there is no misunderstanding.
Please review the individual delivery company's website to understand their refund policies

Nothing can ship out on Saturday or Sunday or Holidays- We are closed
Nothing can ship out after 3:45pm EST Weekdays (some items earlier)
Please place your order by 3pm EST 

Fixed Shipping cost: Packages with a fixed shipping cost are normally shipped with UPS (UPS SurePost) to your local post office and then delivered by your carrier to your mailbox or porch. If you have a problem receiving mail please be sure to tell us.

Shipping time guarantee: Deliveries effected by weather related storms do not qualify for a refund. Keep in mind air shipments are consolidated in a hub. Fedex = Memphis, UPS = Louisville. A major weather event in one area of the country could affect your delivery. If planes can't fly or land in certain areas because of weather which could be fog, ice, snow, tornado, hurricane for example your package may be delayed, these are called uncontrollable situations.

NOTE: We have no way of telling any delivery driver where to leave the package such as "leave behind fence gate in red wagon". You will be provided with the tracking number so that should have an idea when it will be delivered. Also the driver determines if a package is left at the delivery address if no one is home to sign for it.

Electric Motor Warehouse is located in Flint, Michigan. We are open Monday through Friday until 4:30pm EST. We are closed for all major holidays (Good Friday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving including Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas including the day before Christmas.
UPS picks up our packages each day about 4 PM EST this means our cut off for shipping something out of our location is about 3:00pm EST.
Shipping cut off times for items shipped from Leeson, Bison, Baldor is 2pm EST Monday thru Friday.
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CAN BE SHIPPED ON THE WEEKENDS OR HOLIDAYS OR AFTER 4PM EST. Don't count weekend days or holidays in the delivery time per UPS or Fedex policy.

Truck Shipments:
Larger items over about 90 pounds are shipped by semi truck and need to be shipped to a location that can receive semi trucks. If your location can't receive a semi truck shipment you may have to go to the freight terminal to pick up the package. The truck driver is only responsible for bring the package to the back of the trailer, it is your responsibility to take the item off the semi truck. Also when you sign the bill of lading from the trucking company you are certifying that the motor is undamaged, meaning when the truck driver drives away and then you discover damage, you are now responsible for that damage as you just signed saying you inspected it and it was not damaged. So be sure you inspect the item for damage before signing the bill of lading.

Most Leeson motors are shipped by Fedex direct from the Leeson warehouse.
We ship with UPS and the post office when we ship  from our location in Michigan. We may also drop ship from vendor warehouses, normally with UPS. If you have a special address that is different for UPS or USPS please tell us what that is otherwise you may be disappointed on the method we selected for shipping and the package may be delayed.

Shipping days: When computing days in transit, do not count the weekend days, Saturday & Sunday, or the holiday or the day the package ships.

Days in Transit:
Remember to exclude the holidays that we are closed on mentioned above. If you are unsure of what any of this means please call and we can explain it to you so there is no misunderstanding.
Next Day Air. One day delivery. Order placed Thursday after hours or after cut off times will not ship until Friday for a Monday delivery. Order placed Friday after hours or after cut off times will not ship until Monday for a Tuesday delivery.
2nd Day Air. Two day delivery. Order placed Wednesday after hours or after cut off times will not ship until Thursday for a Monday delivery. Order placed Thursday after hours or after cut off times will not ship until Friday for a Tuesday delivery.
UPS 3 day ground. Order placed Tuesday after hours or after cut off times will not ship until Wednesday for a Monday delivery. Order placed Wednesday after hours or after cut off times will not ship until Thursday for a Tuesday delivery. Order placed Thursday will not ship until Friday for a Wednesday delivery. Order placed Friday will not ship until Monday for a Thursday delivery.

You can also review the individual shipping company's delivery polices on their respective websites.