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US Electric Motors

Air Conditioning Condenser Fan Motor
Heat Pump Motor
5" Cap-Can Clam shell
Reversible Includes Capacitor

Residential Industrial
208-230 Volts 60 hz.

• Permanent Split Capacitor
• “Cap-Can” construction
• Automatic thermal overload protection
• Extended studs or flange mount
• Vertical shaft down application
• Rotation = Reversible
• Designed for 370 volt capacitor (included)
• Continuous duty, air-over
• Sleeve Bearings
• Class B insulation
• 42" Leads


Emerson Clam Shell
GE Cap-Can

Applications: Designed for use in residential outdoor condenser fan and heat pump units
(primarily up to 3.5 tons)

Mfg Part No. Stock #
02243 02244 02245 02246 02247 02248 02249 02250 02251 024-31952-001 100483-02 100483-04 120056 17416 17465 17468 17475 17483 17484 1901 2243 2244 2245 2246 2247 2248 2249 2250 2251 5KCP29FCA265AS 5KCP29FCA322 5KCP29FCA322S 5KCP29FCA340S 5KCP29HCA055 5KCP29HCA055BS 5KCP29HCA055CS 5KCP29HCA092 5KCP29HCA092BS 5KCP29HCA094 5KCP29HCA094CS 5KCP29HCA162 5KCP29HCA162AS 5KCP29HCA326 5KCP29HCA326S 5KCP29JCA053 5KCP29JCA053BS 5KCP29JCA107 5KCP29JCA107S 5KCP29JCA120 5KCP29JCA120S 5KCP29JCA163 5KCP29JCA163AS 5KCP29JCA324S 5KCP29JCA325 5KCP29JCA325S 5KCP29JCA327 5KCP29JCA327S 5KCP29JCA329S 31L1901 48HXCLW1562 5KCP29BCA056 5KCP29BCA056AS 5KCP29CCA012 5KCP29CCA012S 5KCP29DCA054 5KCP29DCA054BS 5KCP29DCA054 5KCP29DC104S 5KCP29DCA161 5KCP29DCA161S 5KCP29DCA323 5KCP29DCA323S 5KCP29DCA329 5KCP29DCA329S 5KCP29ECA033 5KCP29ECA033S 5KCP29ECA081 5KCP29ECA081CS 5KCP29ECA091 5KCP29ECA091AS 5KCP29ECA321 5KCP29ECA321S 5KCP29ECA328 5KCP29ECA328S 5KCP29FCA174 5KCP29FCA174AS 5KCP29FCA265 5KCP29JGA324 B13400252 9723 CPN0151060P01 D1071 D151060P01 D151316P01 DE3G104 DE3G125 DE3G128 DE3G825 DE3G828 F42D29A50 F42D70A50 F42D78A50 F42D89A50 F42D90A50 F42E05A50 F42E29A50 GB13400-252 HC37GE232 HQ1052662EM HQ1052662UN HQ1068865UN HQ1080613UN K48HXEMG3494 K48HXFAS3869 K48HXGCK4210 K48HXTHG3866 K48HXTML4007 5KCP29FCA322S 5KCP29FCA322S\