140705.00 Leeson | 10 hp 1740 RPM 215TC 230V Cat Fish Pond Motor

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  • 10 hp 1740 RPM, 40 amps, 230 Volts 60hz. Single Phase
  • NEMA 215TC Frame Keyed Shaft 1 3/8" Diameter x 3 3/8"
  • TEFC Totally Enclosed Fan cooled - Service Factor = 1.15; Reversible
  • Manual Overload Protection; Class F Insulation
  • One Year Manufacture Warranty

Specially designed for aeration systems used on aquaculture ponds, these motors are designed for dependable outdoor applications. Typically C-face connected to a right-angle gearbox and installed on a floating aeration platform. Hi-torque motors are epoxy painted with a corrosion-resistant interior coating. Stainless hardware, fan guard, lifting lug, and conduit box cover for maximum protection against corrosion. Drain holes in the conduit box and in four positions on each end of the frame to purge condensate and moisture that may enter the motor. Ball bearings are double-sealed and lubricated with Exxon POLYREX® EM high temperature, moisture resistant lubricant.

Model P215K17FK5B; 140705.00