140640.00 Leeson | 10-15 hp 3450 RPM 215TZ 230V Crop Dryer Motor

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  • 10-15 hp 3450 RPM, 39.5-61.5 amps, 230 Volts, 60hz.; Single Phase
  • 215TZ Frame, Shaft 4.5" x 1-1/8" with Key
  • Keyed shaft with 1/4- 20 UNC tapped hole in end
  • Overload Protection; Service Factor 1.0
  • 40C Ambient; Class F Insulation; Ball Bearings
  • One Year Manufacture Warranty

These motors MUST BE IN THE AIR FLOW-or you will burn the motor up. NOT designed to drive a belt - or pump. Open air over, fan-on-shaft design motors for crop drying applications. Designed for continuous duty operation.  Extra nameplate included for remote mounting. Capacitors supplied on single phase models. All models include sealed bearings, rodent screens, gray epoxy paint and 34" leads exiting the motor at 12 0'clock. Keyed shaft with 1/4-20 UNC tapped hole on end; 34" long leads; Capacitors shipped loose; Motor venting protected against insects and rodents.

Model C215K34DB2A; 140640.00