March Pump BC-4C-MD-230V; 1" FPT Inlet/ 1/2" MPT Outlet

8.00 LBS
Calculated at Checkout
  • 1" FPT Inlet/ 1/2" MPT Outlet
  • 1/10 hp; 3450 RPM; .75 Amps, 230V 50/60hz.
  • 14 GPM; 21.5' Max. Head Feet
  • 3' Cord
  • One Year Warranty

DESCRIPTION: Series 4 are centrifugal magnetic drive pumps, eliminating the need for a shaft seal. Pumps can be serviced with a screwdriver. OPERATION: Pumps are not self-priming, lack a suction lift, and thus require a flooded suction. Pumps cannot be run dry because the impeller requires the liquid being pumped for lubrication. For liquids with a specific gravity greater than water, have a higher viscosity, or for elevated temperatures, a trimmed impeller may be necessary. For application assistance, contact March Pump.