RF6402 Century 1/10 hp 1050 RPM GE 21/29 Frame CW 115/208-230V Century # RF6402

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  • 1/10 hp 1050 RPM, 4.0/2.0 amps, 115/208-230V 50/60hz.
  • Shaded Pole Motor
  • Shaft: 3/8" x 2.8"; Includes 1/2" shaft bushing
  • Rotation = CW Shaft End
  • 4 mounting bolts 3.5" diameter bolt center
  • 42 Frame Motor
  • Mechanically Reversible
  • 1 Year Manufacture Warranty

Used on many popular commercial condensing units (Copeland, Tecumseh, Hussmann, Tyler, etc.) as well as unit cooler fans and blowers, refrigeration cabinets; also used on unit heaters, space heaters, remote air conditioners, blower units and other air moving applications. 4 ratings replace 21 of G.E.’s 21/29 frame designs.

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5KSP21DG941 5KSP21DG942 5KSP21DG957 5KSP29DG3013 5KSP29DG3103 5KSP29DK1330 DA2E110 DA2F002 DA2F013 504A F1469 D483 2231 2232 5KSP21DG101 5KSP21DG1106 5KSP21DG118 5KSP21DG120 5KSP21DG1201 5KSP21DG1227 5KSP21DG1236 5KSP21DG1255 5KSP21DG128 5KSP21DG1283 5KSP21DG1328 5KSP21DG1334 5KSP21DG1337 5KSP21DG1453 5KSP21DG1515 5KSP21DG1516 5KSP21DG164 5KSP21DG1667 5KSP21DG1672 5KSP21DG1699 5KSP21DG1734 5KSP21DG1752 5KSP21DG1786 5KSP21DG1834 5KSP21DG1864 5KSP21DG1885 5KSP21DG1890 5KSP21DG1907 5KSP21DG1915 5KSP21DG1943 5KSP21DG198 5KSP21DG2023 5KSP21DG205 5KSP21DG2065 5KSP21DG2116 5KSP21DG2123 5KSP21DG2129 5KSP21DG2139 5KSP21DG2140 5KSP21DG2273 5KSP21DG2326 5KSP21DG29 5KSP21DG3001 5KSP21DG3002 5KSP21DG3021 5KSP21DG3022 5KSP21DG3027 5KSP21DG3102 5KSP21DG3201 5KSP21DG346 5KSP21DG379 5KSP21DG42 5KSP21DG432 5KSP21DG466 5KSP21DG480 5KSP21DG532 5KSP21DG548 5KSP21DG684 5KSP21DG729 5KSP21DG731 5KSP21DG739 5KSP21DG786 5KSP21DG820 5KSP21DG836 5KSP21DG837 5KSP21DG86 5KSP21DG908 5KSP21DG909 5KSP21DG94 5KSP21DG943 5KSP21DG944 5KSP21DG976 5KSP21FG485 5KSP21FG604 5KSP21FG76 5KSP21HG1132 5KSP21HG121 5KSP21HG1299 5KSP21HG1327 5KSP29BG3001 5KSP29BG5049 5KSP29DG3101 5KSP29DG3102 5KSP29DG3104 5KSP29DG5125 5KSP29FG3201 5KSP29FK1764 DA2E111 326P117 RF6403 1471 005111V3BP780 7151-0087 D148 D154 D490 U51A10P-A3359 AO6630A AO6632A AO6846A AR6609Z AW6306A AW6396A AY6361A AY6362A AY6398A AY64120A AY64125A AY6449A AY6450A AY6461A AY66129A AY66135A AY66155A AY66168A AY6763A AY6909A 10609 2121 2122 2421 5KSP21FG1612 5KSP21FG3156 5KSP21FG3196 5KSP21HG1002 5KSP21HG1003 5KSP21HG105 5KSP21HG1137 5KSP21HG1151 5KSP21HG1246 5KSP21HG1317 5KSP21HG1318 5KSP21HG1531 5KSP21HG1536 5KSP21HG1633 5KSP21HG1676 5KSP21HG1710 5KSP21HG19 5KSP21HG1980 5KSP21HG1984 5KSP21HG2157 5KSP21HG2215 5KSP21HG2216 5KSP21HG274 5KSP21HG3253 5KSP21HG3254 5KSP21HG3264 5KSP21HG437 5KSP21HG459 5KSP21HG5 5KSP21HG69 5KSP21HG690 5KSP21HG779 5KSP21HG802 5KSP21HG815 5KSP21HG856 5KSP21HG858 5KSP21HG877 5KSP21HG925 5KSP21HG932 5KSP21HG956 5KSP21HG957 5KSP21HG961 5KSP21HG998 5KSP29DK1519 5KSP29DK1903 5KSP29FG3253 5KSP29FG3254 70243 DA3F143 DA3G074 DA3G156 DA3J004 DA3J039 326P116 RF6402 RF6402X F1471 D491 D495 AY6209A AY6238A AY6240A AY6334A AY6341A AY6342A AY6351A AY6353A AY6360A AY6365A AY6392A AY64105A AY6488A AY6631A 2113 2413 5KSP21HG1247 5KSP21HG1273 5KSP21HG1423 5KSP21HG1532 5KSP21HG1537 5KSP21HG1807 5KSP21HG314 5KSP21HG3255 5KSP21HG3265 5KSP21HG394 5KSP21HG43 5KSP21HG455 5KSP21HG47 5KSP21HG532 5KSP21HG66 5KSP21HG926 5KSP21HG928 5KSP21HG958 5KSP21HG962 5KSP29FG3255 70242 DA2G040 DA2G052 DA2G061 DA2G071 DA3F103 DA3F144 DA3G120 DA3G157 DA3J005 326P119 RF4401 RF4401X 1470 D474 D480 10615 2141 2142 5KSP21FG1024 5KSP21FG1136 5KSP21FG1159 5KSP21FG1160 5KSP21FG1231 5KSP21FG1232 5KSP21FG1239 5KSP21FG1243 5KSP21FG125 5KSP21FG1253 5KSP21FG1361 5KSP21FG1402 5KSP21FG1407 5KSP21FG1415 5KSP21FG1416 5KSP21FG1474 5KSP21FG1475 5KSP21FG16 5KSP21FG1682 5KSP21FG1686 5KSP21FG1688 5KSP21FG1698 5KSP21FG1789 5KSP21FG1792 5KSP21FG2 5KSP21FG2039 5KSP21FG2182 5KSP21FG2279 5KSP21FG269 5KSP21FG3103 5KSP21FG3123 5KSP21FG831 5KSP21FG833 5KSP21FG876 5KSP21FG914 5KSP21FG915 5KSP21FG947 5KSP21FG948 5KSP21HG1134 5KSP21HG1135 5KSP21HG1172 5KSP21HG1219 5KSP21HG1233 5KSP21HG1244 5KSP21HG1248 5KSP21HG1249 5KSP21HG1305 5KSP21HG1306 5KSP21HG1363 5KSP21HG1376 5KSP21HG1421 5KSP21HG1459 5KSP21HG1527 5KSP21HG1528 5KSP21HG1599 5KSP21HG1600 5KSP21HG1605 5KSP21HG1606 5KSP21HG1651 5KSP21HG1694 5KSP21HG1695 5KSP21HG18 5KSP21HG1808 5KSP21HG1832 5KSP21HG1833 5KSP21HG1928 5KSP21HG1967 5KSP21HG1968 5KSP21HG2183 5KSP21HG2188 5KSP21HG3 5KSP21HG3203 5KSP21HG3204 5KSP21HG3223 5KSP21HG3224 5KSP21HG405 5KSP21HG528 5KSP21HG561 5KSP21HG77 5KSP21HG822 5KSP21HG921 5KSP21HG922 5KSP21HG929 5KSP21HG930 5KSP21HG953 5KSP21HG954 5KSP21HG959 5KSP29FG320 5KSP29FG3203 5KSP29FK1596 5KSP29HK1150 5KSP29HK1342 5KSP29HK1869 5KSP29HK894 70241 DA2F006 DA2F007 DA2F024 DA2F040 DA2F077 DA2G003 DA2G005 DA2G007 DA2G008 DA2G012 DA2G013 DA2G018 DA2G024 DA2G028 DA2G031 DA2G032 DA2G033 DA2G043 DA2G045 DA2G051 DA2G053 DA2J019 DA3E184 326P118 RF4400 RF4400X F1470 D481 2131 2132 5KSP21FG124 5KSP21FG1240 5KSP21FG1332 5KSP21FG1521 5KSP21FG1522 5KSP21FG1542 5KSP21FG1559 5KSP21FG1669 5KSP21FG1687 5KSP21FG199 5KSP21FG2112 5KSP21FG2187 5KSP21FG240 5KSP21FG3027 5KSP21FG3031 5KSP21FG3101 5KSP21FG3102 5KSP21FG3104 5KSP21FG3121 5KSP21FG3122 5KSP21FG3124 5KSP21FG81 5KSP21FG832 5KSP21FG861 5KSP21FG916 5KSP21FG917 5KSP21FG92 5KSP21FG949 5KSP21HG1245 5KSP21HG1291 5KSP21HG1336 5KSP21HG1387 5KSP21HG1419 5KSP21HG1529 5KSP21HG1530 5KSP21HG1670 5KSP21HG1852 5KSP21HG1853 5KSP21HG1969 5KSP21HG1970 5KSP21HG2193 5KSP21HG3201 5KSP21HG3202 5KSP21HG3221 5KSP21HG3222 5KSP21HG36 5KSP21HG59 5KSP21HG65 5KSP21HG924 5KSP21HG955 5KSP21HG960 5KSP21HG977 5KSP29FG3202 5KSP29FG3204 70240 DA2F078 DA2G016