PH1150-6 Waterway | 1.5 hp 3450 RPM, 115V Above Ground Pool Pump

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Hi-Flo II 48 Frame Above Ground Pool Pump

The Hi-Flo II is the ultimate in above-ground pool engineering.
Designed for today’s more demanding applications, the High-Flo II is ideal for DE, cartridge or sand filtration systems of any size.

  • 1.5 HP, 1-Speed, 3450 RPM, 9.5 amps, 115V 60hz
  • 160 GPM @ 10 ft a head
  • 9600 Gallons Per Hour
  • Automatic Overload Protection
  • Large 6" Debris Basket with see thru cover
  • Wet End Can Be Rotated 90° for horizontal discharge
  • 1.5" NPT Internal Threads for screwing in Hose Adapters/Threaded PVC
  • 2-3 foot Cord with Standard NEMA 3-Prong Plug
  • On/Off Switch on bottom of motor cover

Waterway New Model SD-10-1N
Waterway PH1150-6

Waterway Above Ground Pool Pumps are manufactured in Oxnard, California. The pump has a large 6" debris basket. It is connected to the pump housing with a union nut, this makes it easy if you need to rotated the head, as the basket can be remounted with no problem once you have rotated the head. This pump is ready to go when you receive it. Simply remove the pump from the box, open the cover on the debris basket, where you will find the gasket that needs to be inserted into the basket nut and then simply install the basket on the face of the pump. Reinstall your hoses from your old pump, connect them to the pool filter and simply plug in the pump. Of course be sure the pump is full of water before you power up the pump so that you do not burn up the pump shaft seal. Not self-priming, pump head must be below water level. 1 Year manufacture warranty.

Optional 417-6060 1.5" PVC Straight Hose Adapter

ATTENTION CALIFORNIA CUSTOMERS: This pump/motor does not comply with California's Efficiency Regulations. These regulations can be found in Title 20, in the California Code of Regulations (CCR) sections 1601-1609. To meet California’s requirement, the pump/motor must be a 2 speed. So, it’s illegal to ship this pump/motor to California as it's in violation of their regulations.