15 Year

Above Ground Round
Swimming Pool Winter Covers

15 Year Warranty

This winter swimming pool cover is built to last!

Constructed of our strongest and most tear resistant material. This pool cover features rugged U.V. stabilized woven polyethylene that protects it from sun, snow, wind and ice. It features a black underside to retard algae growth and heat sealed seams to ensure a crystal clear swimming pool next spring. The pool cover has a big 4 foot overlap that means it will fit swimming pools with wider top rails and will not stretch and rip like smaller 3 foot overlap covers.

Our Gold grade pool cover is held secure by a heavy duty vinyl coated cable and tightener that is anchored to the cover by rip proof metal grommets.
This rugged pool cover is built to last so it is back by a 15 year warranty (2 years full rated). Invest in quality this fall with Arctic Armor Gold.

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