182-4TC Brake Kit (1087732B11QG) 208-230/460V 25 LB NEMA2 Leeson # 175585

58.00 LBS
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  • NEMA 2 Enclosure; 208-230/460V Three Phase
  • Input/Output Shaft = 1-1/8"
  • Max HP = 5; Brake Rating = 25 foot pounds
  • Overall length 8.38"
  • Double NEMA C Face

Mounts directly to the face and shaft of NEMA 182-4TC Face motors and provides a NEMA 182-4TC face and shaft for the load. Output face and shaft is NEMA 182-4TC. A 1/2" NPT hole with 15" leads is provided for connection. Totally enclosed construction. These brakes are not suited for overhung loads to be applied to the output shaft. Note: Brakes can be mounted in any position. Disc life may decrease by 20% when mounted vertically. Brake is manufactured by Stearns.