ASB2973 US Motors 1 1/4hp 3450/1725 RPM 56J 230V (ODP) High Efficiency Switchless Pool Pump Motor

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  • 1 1/4 HP 3450/1725 RPM, 5.8/1.2 amps, 230V 60hz. Switchless single phase
  • NEMA 56J frame (no base), 5/8" diameter threaded stainless steel shaft
  • Overload Protection: Auto. Class B insulation, 6.5" body dia.
  • Non-Reversible - CCW Rotation facing the shaft
  • C-Face Mount, Ball Bearings, Open Drip Proof (ODP)

Swimming pool pump motor. Commonly found on in-ground pool pumps such as Hayward Super Pump, Maxflo, Super II and many other pumps requiring a 56J frame motor. Sealed ball bearings. Wiring diagram on motor name plate. 1 year warranty. Model B063ABR1036023J

Effective July 19, 2021 the US Dept of Energy regulations on single speed, two-speed and booster pumps go into effect.
Please check your local and State codes to comply with their requirements for replacement pump motors.
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ATTENTION: Shipping Restrictions Apply! 
 This replacement pump motor does not comply with California's Efficiency Regulations. These regulations can be found in Title 20, in the California Code of Regulations (CCR) sections 1601-1609. To meet California’s requirement, the replacement pump motor must be a variable speed.

To comply with current and upcoming regulations we recommend upgrading now to a variable speed motor.
We recommend using Century EVC130 1.30THP Variable Speed Motor

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