Century Electric VGREEN® EVC225 • 2.25HP Variable Speed Pool Pump Motor • 56J Frame 115/230 Volt

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All New Century VGREEN EVO® Variable Speed Pump Motor
✅ This motor is compliant for the New 2021 DOE Regulations


  • 2.25 Total Horsepower (THP)
    This motor will replace any HP range 1/2-2.25 HP
    * When motor is running at 115 Volts the total horsepower is 1.50THP
  • 115/230 Volt, 17.4/13.5 Max Amps, 1.0 Service Factor
  • Full Variable Speed (600-3450 RPM)
  • 56J Frame
  • Total Enclosed Fan Cooling
  • Continuous duty, Class B Insulation
  • 5/8" diameter threaded stainless steel shaft


  • Communicates easily with most automation systems leading to no loss of automation system functionality
  • New simplified user interface allows for easier programming and motor setup all with the push of a button
  • Lightweight, compact design, and rotatable mains wiring compartment allow for ease of installation
  • Available in both square flange and C-Face mounting configurations to allow for replacement versatility
  • Water, weather, and UV resistant IPX5 moisture intrusion rating and UV resistant components protect against harsh conditions to extend motor life

NOTICE: If the VGreen Evo® motor is powered off for any reason, at least 60 seconds must pass before power is reapplied. Failure to provide an adequate delay could result in damage to the motor. When power is applied to the VGreen Evo motor for the first time it will automatically run the programmed default schedule. This feature ensures that the VGreen Evo motor will re-start in the event of a power outage.

Swimming pool pump motor. Commonly found on inground pool pumps such as Hayward Super Pump, Maxflo, Super II and many other pumps requiring a 56J frame motor.



The VGreen Evo® motor is a cost-effective variable speed pool pump motor designed to provide pool owners with maximum savings over traditional single-speed motors. The variable speed design allows the motor to be programmed at the optimal settings for the pool allowing for energy savings. The VGreen Evo motor offers ease of installation as a direct drop-in replacement for pool filter pump applications and allows for a simplified user experience with an easy to program user interface, making it the perfect choice for your next pool installation or motor replacement.

The new VGreen Evo® motor is driven by advanced variable speed technology to power the most energy efficient and compliant pool pumps in the industry, helping our customers meet or exceed the latest Department of Energy (DOE) regulations. Single-speed pumps typically run at high RPM’s around the clock, over-circulating water and wasting precious energy and money. A variable speed pump motor allows users to circulate water at the minimum turnover rate for water quality at a lower RPM, thereby greatly reducing the energy needed to run the pump. The slower circulation rates of a variable speed pump equate to a noticeably quieter motor. Operating at lower speeds also lowers the temperature of the motor, extending the life of the motor. Upgrading to a variable speed motor will lower the cost of pool ownership through energy savings without replacing the pump. These motors run cooler, quieter and last longer. Owning a pool with a variable speed motor is more affordable and better for the environment.

The VGreen Evo motor features a simplified user interface to allow for programming flexibility with the push of a single button. The motor offers various pre-programmed variable speed operating schedules, allowing users to best optimize their motor to minimize energy consumption and lower the overall cost of pool ownership, all while maintaining the proper pool environment.


This pool motor featured on this page does not come with a Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) installed. Please check your local, regional, state, and federal guidelines, it may be necessary to install an SVRS, depending on the design of your pool.

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