Model 362A Century 1/10 hp 1050 RPM 4-Speed 5" Diameter 208-230 Volts Century Electric # 362A

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  • 1/10 hp 1050 RPM 4-Speed, 1.7 amps, 208-230 Volts 60hz.
  • Shaft: 10-11/16" x 1/2" x 10-11/16" Double Shaft
  • Resilient Mount- Bolt Circle - 4.62"
  • Motor Length Less Shafts = 3 1/2"
  • Sleeve Bearings
  • Includes 5MFD/370V capacitor
  • 1 Year Manufacture Warranty

Application Information: Fan Coil Air Conditioner, Unit Heater Fan. Permanent split capacitor motor. Capacitor included. Open ventilation-Air Over.
Suggested replacement for: 96-053 96-054 96-059 96-060 96-061 96-080 96-081 96-092 96-093 96-097 96-103 96-106 96-107 96-108 96-112 96-120 DA3E101 DA3G014 DA3G039 DA3G041 DA3G098 DA3G100 DA3G115 DA3G122 DA3G123 DA3G124 DA3G135 DA3G137 DA3J123 DA3J124 DE3B007 DE3B014 DE3D004 DE3D006 DE3D009 DE3D021 DE3D022 DE3D023 DE3D024 DE3D025 DE3D026 DE3D028 DE3D029 DE3D030 DE3D032 DE3D038 DE3D039 DE3D040 DE3D041 DE3D045 DE3D047 DE3D049 DE3D060 DE3D061 DE3D063 DE3D065 DE3D070 DE3D072 DE3D074 DE3D075 DE3D079 DE3D105 DE3D114 DE3D115 DE3D122 DE3D124 DE3D126 DE3D127 DE3D128 DE3D130 DE3D133 DE3D139 DE3D140 DE3D142 DE3D144 DE3D145 DE3D149 DE3D164 DE3D171 DE3D173 DE3D201 DE3D208 DE3D209 DE3D210 DE3D217 DE3D219 DE3D225 DE3D226 DE3D229 DE3D230 DE3D233 DE3D239 DE3D240 DE3D241 DE3D245 DE3D253 DE3D274 DE3D297 DE3D309 DE3D387 DE3D393 DE3E002 DE3E005 DE3E007 DE3E011 DE3E012 DE3E013 DE3E019 DE3E020 DE3E022 DE3E024 DE3E025 DE3E026 DE3E030 DE3E031 DE3E032 DE3E034 DE3E036 DE3E038 DE3E039 DE3E040 DE3E045 DE3E046 DE3E047 DE3E051 DE3E054 DE3E061 DE3E063 DE3E065 DE3E067 DE3E074 DE3E075 DE3E091 DE3E097 DE3E112 DE3E113 DE3E116 DE3E657 DE3F010 DE3F019 DE3F031 DE3G009 DE3G011 DE3J010 DE3J011