2.70 HP Variable Speed Inground Pool Pump - 230 Volts

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NEW! Variable Speed Inground Pool Pump

  • 2.70 THP (Total Horsepower)
  • 600-3450 RPM Variable Speed
  • 230 Volts, 10.5 Amps, Rated for 60Hz
  • Inlet/Outlet - 2" MPT Threads
  • Fully Integrated Variable Speed Motor & Control
  • Proposed DOE Law & CEC Title 20 Compliant

Please seek help with a licensed pool technician to properly size your new pool pump to your pool size. With the new DOE Law rules existing beliefs of HP are now being replaced with THP, which may change what actual size pump you require.  Under the tab PDF Documents is the Department of Energy's PDF on helping with selecting the new variable speed pump, we suggest reading, page 6-7 discusses about sizing of the new pump. 

Variable Speed Pool Pump, Variable Speed Inground Pool Pump

High Performance and Ultra Quiet Variable Speed Pool & Spa Pump provides you with up to 90% energy savings.
Innovative, Patent Pending technology automatically actuates a Diverter Valve to direct the flow of water to the Pressure Pool Cleaner and increase the pump speed and pressure.
Built in Pool Control - easily  program various day, time and speed settings, and actuate Diverter Valves to run in Pool Filtration, Spill Over and Spa Mode.
The latest technology Variable Speed Motors, totally enclosed construction with a powerful external fan - protects the motor against dirt and moisture and provides for extremely cool operation of the motor.
No drop in horsepower at either voltage.
Comes with PVC adapters, accepts 2" PVC

20220617-1135244.jpg      Simple & Intuitive User Interface
  • Preprogrammed to meet the Proposed DOE Law & the CEC Title 20 Rule
  • Innovative user interface with step-by-step on-screen navigation and ergonomic selector switch
  • Motor design reduces noise emissions
  • Real time clock with battery back-up to protect programming
  • Integrated LCD backlight and adjustable contrast 
  • UV and rain-proof enclosure
  • Adjustable freeze protection
  • Manual High and Low overrides