19-SF2-115 | Automatic fan thermal switch for automatic operation of fireplace - woodstove fans 115V

1.00 LBS
$8.25 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
  • Switch closes at 115°F (43°C) (turns on fan)
  • 115 Volt Operation
  • 1/2" Disc 1.25" center to center on bolt holes
  • 2 Stake on Terminals

This Thermal Switch is an easy way to automatically control the operation of the any fan application.  This can be added to any 115 Volt blower or motor that does not come with this switch. Simply place it in line with the power, locate/mount the switch in such a manner that will allow the fan to come on as the fireplaceor wood stove gets hotter and will also turn it off as it cools down. (1/2" diameter disc). 1.25" center to center on bolt holes.