RS-1-SH Relay & Controls | 1.5 hp - 2 hp Electric Motor Reversing Drum Switch - Position = Maintained

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  • Rated up to 1.5hp @ 115 Volts Single Phase
  • Rated up to 2 hp @ 230 Volts Single Phase
  • Rated up to 2hp @ 230 Volts 3 Phase
  • Rated up to 1 hp @ 460 Volts 3 Phase
  • Dimensions: W 2.55" H 4" D 4.5"
  • Position = Maintained
  • Steel Handle
  • Made in the USA

Ratings above mean this switch can handle up to that HP. So if you have a motor with a HP rating at or below this, then this is the correct switch.

Note: We recommend this switch to be installed by a qualified technician that understands how electric motors are wired. We also recommend a motor with wire leads for connections, if the motor only has a terminal board it will be very difficult to wire the switch. We will not be able to assist with installation help or instructions.

Cross Reference: Switch is comparable to models below
Dayton/Grainger 4UYF1
GE CR 102 A1, CR102A1