Majestic InstaFlame Fireplace Blower (FK24, CFM-FA20, CFM-FK24, CFM-RHE32)

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FK24 Majestic InstaFlame Fireplace Blower Fan ONLY

  • .75 amps, 1800 RPM, 115 Volts
  • Blower only, no power cord
  • Overall length = 12.5"  Height 3.4"
  • Flange Opening = 9.5"
  • 1 Year Manufacture Warranty

These are designed to be replacements for the listed blower model number. The blowers are aftermarket models-not original equipment. Be sure to compare the dimensions listed, to your unit, to be sure it will fit. The blowers are "contractor kits" with no installation instructions. Intended to be installed by a qualified technician.
Suggested replacement for Lopi Pioneer Bay Gas Convection Fan Blower 98900755a - 11-1215 G. Replaces model EM3030LH-85, Travis Industries
Suggested replacement for EBM Papst, just double check the dimensions: QLN65/2400-3030, QLN65-2400-3030, QLN65-2400

CROSS REFERENCES: Northern Flame FK24, FK-24, A232, D232, BHDR36, DV360, DV580, DVR33, DVRS3, Majestic FK24, 54103, 36BDVR, 33DBCVRRN, DBT33,DBT36, DBT39, DBR33, DBR36, DBR39, CFM HE20, , DVRSL, DVRSR, DVRT36, DVRT39, DVRT43, DVRT41, DVRTSB, FSUV, LHEC20, LHEC30, LHECDV20, LHECDV30, NV360, NV580, NVC, p36D RFS22, 160-4107 1604107 P36D EM3030LH-85 RFS32, RFS42, RFSDV22, RFSDV32, RFSDV42, RFSDV24, RFSDV34, RFSUV34, RHE25, RHE32, RHE42, RHEDV25, RHEDV32, RHEDV42, RUVS32, UVS33, UVS36, PYROMASTER FSHUV20RN, FSHUV30RN, FSHUV20RP, 43LDVRRN, DV36RN, FSHUV30RP, 36BDVRRN, 36LDVRRN, NVC36, 36XDVRFN R7-RB65 R7RB65 HB-HB65 HBHB65, R7-RB64, 65240-C, DV360RFN EM3030LH-85, AR7RB864, Avalon Part Number 250-00589, 30130, HEB30 (check specs) QLN65/2400-3030 E33 Regency NOTE: THIS IS A BLOWER ONLY REPLACEMENT FOR ALL MODELS LISTED

Optional Accessories:
19-SF2-115 Thermal Switch
K177-1002 Variable Speed Control